Week 3 | Skateboard Ramp

Sculpting NURBS surfaces
Thickening surfaces for 3D printing
Generating sections from NURBS objects
Simple Dynamics

In this tutorial we create a sculpted NURBS plane as a surface for a dynamic activity .. like skateboarding. We use a simple skateboard and dynamics system to test the performance of the surface. Once satisfied we take steps to give the surface thickness - making it solid and 3D-printable. We'll also take sections of the thickened surface which may be exported as a DXF or DWG to any 2D program (AutoCAD, Illustrator, etc.) Unfortunately the images are not ready but we'll post them as soon as possible.

SAVE YOUR FILE OFTEN!!! Never, ever, ever forget this. Make a habit of hitting Ctrl-s to save.

If you gave us a file this week (it's not too late), 3D prints of your "fast objects" will be ready for Friday.

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